Electric boat

From: 99,00

4 hours: € 99, Entire day: € 160

A boat is suited for 6 person. We have 6 boats.



About our boats

Do you want to enjoy the Reeuwijk Lakes in a relaxed way? Rent an electric sloop. The sloop is suited for 6 adults. Dogs are allowed if you clean the boat with a cloth afterwards to remove any dog hairs.


Sloops can be rented from the age of 21. You can rent a boat for a period of 4 or 8 hours. The sloop is easy to handle with a joy stick. There are two restaurants at the lakes where you can stop for coffee or lunch and there is a recreation area where you can moor and swim if you like. Swimming is only allowed at that spot, the recreation area. On the outset, you will be given a plan of the Reeuwijk Lakes. The sloop is electric and set to a maximum of 5.5 km per hour. Higher speeds are not allowed on the lakes. It is not allowed to enter the park with our boats due to the underwater reinforcements and the damage that may arise. This also applies when your bungalow is on the outer side of the park you cannot go there by boat. The boats you see in the park are owned by private persons. From our harbour you sail directly to the Breevaart and the Reeuwijk Lakes. To the Reeuwijk Lakes from our location is about 45 minutes sailing.


The plan indicates where you are allowed to sail. The islands are private property, so you cannot access them or moor there. The Reeuwijk Lakes are also private waters; you are a guest there, so try to behave as a worthy guest.


When returning the boat, please take the boat key, plan and your waste with you.


Do you want to rent outside of our opening hours? Please contact us!


Reservations can be cancelled up to three days in advance by e-mail free of charge.






We ask you to return the rented materials in time so the next renter can get to the water in time too. If you are too late, we are forced to hold back your deposit. This is described in the terms and conditions on the rental form which must also be signed.


Please note: it can always happen that the reservation must be cancelled due to force majeure. If, for instance, there has been a power failure or damage was caused by the previous renter. If this is the case, we will of course contact you as soon as possible and will look for a fitting solution.


Life jackets can be rented separately for € 3.50.


Rental prices:


  • 4-hour boat trip: € 99
  • 8-hour boat trip: € 160 (9 A.M. to 5 P.M.)

Boats can be rented from 25 March to 1 November, these dates are approximative.


Deposit rates:

  • Deposit: €150 per boat.
  • Take an ID with you (for instance: passport/driving license.ID card). We use an ID cover.
  • Pay your deposit at the desk (cash or by pin).
  • The deposit can be refunded afterwards (return pin).
  • Note: you must return pin YOURSELF afterwards. Amounts are NOT refunded automatically.
  • Deposit also applies to guests of Landal.