One person canoe

Vanaf: 10,00


  • 1 hour: € 17.50
  • 2 hours: € 26.25
  • 3 hours: € 34.95
  • 4 hours: € 43.65
  • Day rent: € 87.50 (9 A.M. – 5 P.M.)

A three person canoe is suited for 3 persons. We have 3 three person canoes.



Our rental location is unique, we reside in a wonderful Landal Park in the centre of the Green Heart. With our canoes you can explore the park, village and the Reeuwijk Lakes. Take into account that if you really want to go on the lakes, you must rent for a minimum of 2 hours. From the park to the lakes is at least 30/45 minutes of paddling.

Do you want to rent outside of our opening hours? Please contact us!

Reservations can be cancelled up to three days in advance by e-mail free of charge.

Please note: you are responsible yourself for a timely return of the rented materials. If you return the materials too late, we can hold back the deposit, this is mentioned on hour rental form which must be signed. You will be given a plan of the park and the Reeuwijk Lakes. For your mobile phone/car keys/wallet you can rent a waterproof container for 1 euro. You can also rent a plastic locker (30 x 25 cm) for 1 euro, if available. The use of the locker is at your own risk. Don’t want to take your mobile phone with you? You can rent a waterproof watch for 1 euro.

Are you coming to paddle with us? Great! It is important that the time starts as agreed. If, for instance, you rent from 3 P.M. to 4 P.M., rental time will start at 3 P.M. So make sure you arrive in time to arrange the paperwork, get dressed, go to the toilet, apply sun cream etc. Make sure to wear suitable clothing to get out on the water. After all, during canoeing you can get wet. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

Do not go canoeing in your best clothes or white trousers, Take a dry towel with you just in case. A toilet is available in Landal. Unfortunately, you cannot use the showers or swimming pool. The one-person canoe is suitable for weights up to 110 kg. Dogs are not allowed in the canoe.

Life jackets can be rented separately for € 3.50.

Deposit rates:

  • For all SUP boards, canoes and bikes/pedalos: € 50, regardless of the number of items.
  • Take an ID with you (for instance: passport/driving license.ID card). We use an ID cover.
  • Pay your deposit at the desk (cash or by pin).
  • The deposit can be refunded afterwards (return pin).
  • Note: you must return pin YOURSELF afterwards. Amounts are NOT refunded automatically.
  • Deposit also applies to guests of Landal.

Special rates for schools:

Ask for information about the options for schools by e-mail.