Sup board

From: 15,00

From: € 15


  • 1 hour: € 15
  • 2 hours: € 22.50
  • 3 hours: € 30
  • 4 hours: € 37.50
  • Day rent: € 75 (9 A.M. – 5 P.M.)

A SUP board is suited for 1 person. We have 20 SUP boards.



SUP boarding is currently the most popular form of water sports. This can be easily explained: it is suited for the entire family from 9 years up, at that age children are strong enough to paddle. On your SUP board you can explore the park but also head for the Reeuwijk Lakes. It is recommended to book two hours. If you have only an hour it is better to stay in the park.

Our SUP boards are one-person SUP boards and not suited for more than one person. As an adult you can only take a small child up to 6 years with you. Dogs are not allowed on the SUP boards.

Do you want to rent outside of our opening hours? Please contact us!

Reservations can be cancelled up to three days in advance by e-mail free of charge.

Do you want to go to the lakes?

In that case, book for a minimum of 2 hours. To get to the lakes takes about 30/45 minutes. You will be given a plan of the park and the Reeuwijk Lakes so you can plan your trip yourself.

Please note:

Watch the time: the responsibility of returning the rented materials in time rests with yourself. For your mobile phone, car keys, wallet etc. you can rent a waterproof container for 1 euro. You can also rent a plastic locker (30 x 25 cm) for 1 euro, if available. The use of the locker is on your own risk. Don’t want to take your mobile phone with you? You can rent a waterproof watch for 1 euro. You can also rent a life jacket from us for € 3.50.

We ask you to return the rented materials in time so the next renter can get to the water in time too. If you are too late, we are forced to hold back your deposit. This is described in the terms and conditions on the rental form which must also be signed. SUP paddles do not float. If you drop your paddle, take it out of the water immediately. If you return without your paddle or rented watch we will hold back the € 50 deposit.

Arrival and preparation

Make sure you are present in time to arrange the paperwork or visit the toilet/apply sun cream etc. If, for instance, you rent from 3 to 4 P.M., rental time will start from 3 P.M. SUP boarding is easiest in comfortable clothing and without shoes. There is little chance that you will fall, provided of course that you do not act too wild, but also bring a set of dry clothes and a towel with you. Unfortunately, we have no showers.

It is not permitted to go on a SUP board with more than one person or a dog.

Deposit rates:

  • For all SUP boards, canoes and bikes/pedalos: € 50, regardless of the number of items.
  • Take an ID with you (for instance: passport/driving license.ID card). We use an ID cover.
  • Pay your deposit at the desk (cash or by pin).
  • The deposit can be refunded afterwards (return pin).
  • Note: you must return pin YOURSELF afterwards. Amounts are NOT refunded automatically.
  • Deposit also applies to guests of Landal.